Advanced driving courses

If you drive 30 000 km per year at a medium speed of 40 km per hour, you end up sitting behind the wheel 750 h during the year. With 200 working days in each year, your annual driving hours end up equaling to half of a working year! Darkness and the changing weather conditions add their own challenges to driving in Finland. Definitely, it is not irrelevant how you drive!

In Ajohalla drivers are taught to use their cars in a more economical and a safer manner. Coached by professionals, drivers are taught how to prepare, concentrate, anticipate and to control driving situations. The practical driving courses are always conducted under real-life circumstances in Ajohalla, where it is naturally dark and slippery. Regular highway speeds can be safely used within the driving course area, where controlling of one’s own car can be learned.
In addition to the slippery road conditions, Ajohalla services also include an off-road driving path.

You will experience the benefits of Ajohalla when you next sit behind the wheel and get back on the road again!